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Struts Building Technology Pte Ltd

A company founded on excellence, Struts has been setting an unprecedented standard since 1991. Our vision is to take roofing to the next level by constantly raising the standard.

Roofing is a specialised business that demands true professionalism. The fundamentals of roofing lie in a well-constructed structure. It is a task that requires great expertise and experience. A properly erected roof must be able to withstand the test of time and weathering. This is all the more important in a tropical climate like ours.

At Struts, we take our business seriously. And our wealth of experience and expertise means that we're ready for every challenge. Whatever the design or material specifications of any roofing job, our clients can rest assured that it will be accomplished to their fullest satisfaction.


To elevate Struts into a household name, renowned as the roofing specialists distinguished for passion and professionalism.


To exceed customer expectations by delivering top-notch quality and services for each and every project – whether commercial, industrial or architectural.