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Struts embraces the ever-challenging journey of scaling new heights. We are distinguished by commitment to excellence and attention to detail. We’ve got everything covered for our clients – from design and installation to management and technical application, from roofs and facades to accessories that accentuate the look and feel.We are dedicated to eco-friendly practices and innovative approaches. Technological breakthroughs are key to maximising productivity – doing more with less, achieving more efficiency with less manpower.Since 1991, Struts has delivered on a portfolio of blue chip projects and developments with trademark excellence. We have also built up solid collaboration with top-class system partners and suppliers for reliable, value-added services.

STRUTS Marinabay Sands Roof


To exceed customer expectations by delivering top-notch quality and services for each and every project - whether commercial, industrial or architectural.


To elevate Struts into a household name, renowned as the roofing specialists distinguished for passion and professionalism.

STRUTS Marinabay Sands Roof